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Student & Parent Handbooks

Handbooks are distributed to students at the beginning of each Instrumental Music season as follows:

 ● The Instrumental Music Handbook is for all Stevenson High School students that have a band class during the school day at SHS.

 ● The Marching Band Handbook is for all members of the Marching Band, no matter which school they attend.

 ● Most band students will receive both Handbooks and will be required to complete and return contracts acknowledging receipt.

Student & Section Practice Charts


Student Homework


Instrument Maintenance & Emergency Repairs

Something that often gets neglected by students is instrument maintenance. Proper preventative care and maintenance, whether it is a school instrument or personally owned, can help minimize the need for repairs:

Should something go wrong (at home or at Solo & Ensemble for example) however, refer to these documents for assistance:

Documents courtesy of North Georgia Band Instrument Service

Major Scales - Sheet Music

Concert Band (one octave)


Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble (multi-octave)


Chromatic Scales - Sheet Music

Concert Band (one octave)


Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble (multi-octave)

Titans Band

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