Attention Future Stevenson Musicians!


Future Stevenson High School Musicians: Why take Instrumental Music in Junior High and High School?

Dear Junior High musician & parent(s),

My name is Mr. Sekich, and I am the Band Director at Stevenson High School. I want to provide to you some information about the scheduling opportunities you will have very soon as you begin your career as a Stevenson Instrumental Music student while at your Junior High School. I visit you during the school year to know you a little better and answer some questions in person.



Classes: We have a lot of different types of groups for you to participate in here at Stevenson High School. We have Concert Band, Symphonic Band/Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Instrumental Solo and Ensemble, and our Titan Marching Band meets one night a week after school.

Travel: We do try to travel every year. We feel that this is a crucial part of your musical experience. We need to have as many musical experiences possible to learn from to further our musical growth. In the past here at Stevenson we have traveled and/or performed in Chicago, Florida, Washington D.C. for the President, Virginia Beach, Nashville, and New York City in the famous Carnegie Hall - just to name a few. We travel all around the USA! Join Band and be a part of the Stevenson Instrumental Music Tours!

Ten Lessons

More info:
Ten Lessons the Arts Teach (pdf)

The Michigan Department of Education has a set standard of requirements that each student must meet in order to graduate with a state-endorsed diploma. Called the “Michigan Merit Curriculum,” it provides Michigan’s students the learning opportunity, knowledge and skills they need to succeed in college or in the global job market. The standards require that each student obtain a minimum amount of credits in various subjects.

The great news is that, like you, the Department of Education considers the arts to be a critical component to the educational process and insists that a fine art requirement be included in the state-wide curriculum. When an 8th grader joins band for 9th grade, they are on their way to a successful high school career by fulfilling this requirement!

Twelve Benefits

More info:
Twelve Benefits of Music Education (pdf)

Current college-bound high school students are taking courses that meet the standards while also having a band class all four years. In addition to their primary band class, some students take Jazz Band or an extra concert band as their electives in their Junior and Senior years. Therefore there is no need to believe band cannot be included in your schedule! With a little planning and consideration to scheduling in their first year, every student can take band for four years while still satisfying graduation requirements. We all know that colleges and employers look highly upon band students in the application process because it shows commitment, discipline and teamwork.

As the Michigan Department of Education has recognized, student involvement in the arts is an important factor for a well-rounded education. We look forward to seeing the 9th graders at Stevenson next year!

Musically Yours,
Mr. Sekich

Did you know?

National Standards of Music Education:

  • Performing on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music
  • Improvising melodies, variations, and accompaniments
  • Composing and arranging music within specified guidelines
  • Reading and notating music
  • Listening to, analyzing, and describing music
  • Evaluating music and music performances
  • Understanding relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts
  • Understanding music in relation to history and culture

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