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Preliminary NYC Trip Signup Information

Getting ready for signups to start for the New York trip! A bit of preliminary information beforehand:

  • The trip registration portal will open this evening, September 29th, just before 7 PM
  • Remind will be used to send out the link needed for registration
  • There will be 100 spots open for students; we are asking that ONLY students register starting this evening and place deposits (the student package will be the only one offered today). We've had over 110 student interest slips turned in, which would mean a wait list situation with 2 completely full buses going. Once we see how many registrations there are on Monday, we will add adult packages and invite parents to join the trip (or waitlist). Next, there will be 6 parent chaperones (4 band, 2 theater, 1 choir) hand selected by Sekich/Jackson/Gard-Eret moved from the waitlist to the active trip. Please be patient as we work through the details of this step! Our goals remain: Students get priority for the trip and all chaperones selected are fully prepared and aware of their responsibilities (it's not a vacation).
  • Priority will be given to complete registrations ($250 deposit paid), followed by the timestamp of registration. Those registering without paying a deposit will be bumped to the waitlist should more than 100 students sign up.
  • All Adult registrations / non- band/choir/drama student signups will be moved to the waitlist should there be 100 or more students sign up by Monday. The interest slip that was turned in will be used to help guide any decisions that need to be made about waitlists.
  • Opting in to travel insurance is strongly recommended! Standard insurance will be $70, enhanced/cancel for any reason insurance will be $109.
  • Preliminary adult pricing: Double occupancy - $1949; Single occupancy - $2549.
  • We highly recommend using an actual computer to register. There are many steps, including providing medical information, and it's easy to get "lost" on a mobile device.
  • We strongly recommend that a parent/guardian complete the registration process. Accurate information is essential and having a student completing what is essentially a contract to spend over $1000 is less than ideal.

We are very excited that we look good for filling up two buses - and that there is still hope for a third.

Thank you!

Welcome back to school!

Lots of firsts this week - starting with first day of school tomorrow and finishing with our first home football game of the season on Thursday!

(updated 8/31) Marching Band students are invited to grab pizza before the game at roughly 5:30 pm. Volunteers to help distribute the pizza are needed, and donations of dessert items are still welcome. Signup using the link below:

The marching band will also be snaking the hallways at SHS on Thursday. Students already in the building, including Color Guard, will be dismissed from their 6th hour class at 1:15 to prepare (it will be a school approved absence).

Students, including Color Guard, not in the building (Davis/Heritage/Jeannette/UAIS/CSI/MST) are invited to participate - it is not mandatory. A parent will need to phone the appropriate school the student attends to call in the absence AND provide transportation to Stevenson in order for their student to participate.

Stevenson dismissal time is 2:09 PM; the band room will be closed at 2:30 PM. Students must leave the building by 2:30; the room will reopen just before the 5 PM call time.

Here we gooooooooooo!!



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Vertical Raise Fundraiser Info

Good evening!

This past Tuesday, Marching Band students were introduced to Vertical Raise, a modern fundraiser that in 2021 helped tremendously in providing resources to the entire Instrument Music Program that helped cover expenses and in turn lighten the financial burden on our families.

This coming Tuesday, August 30th, we will be officially launching our next Vertical Raise fundraising effort and wanted to answer some of the questions you may have to hopefully gain your participation.

Vertical Raise is a social donation campaign that has simplified the way bands, teams, groups, and schools raise money. Participants do not have to sell any products, staff does not have to manage cash, or keep/distribute inventory.

Fundraising is vital for the success of our program and we truly need to raise funds. Vertical Raise has a streamlined process that gives participants the ability to help raise money for a successful school year.

There have been thousands of programs, including our own successful drive that raised over $21,000 for the band in 2021, who have had success utilizing this fundraiser and with your help, this fundraiser will be successful too.

All we ask is that each parent/guardian help their student(s) gather 20 or more email addresses from their biggest supporters i.e. grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends, and co-workers. Have your student save these 20 e-mail addresses in Notes on their mobile device.

Then, emails will be sent by Vertical Raise to these potential donors where they can view our fundraiser page and decide if they want to donate. If not, they can easily delete the email - or help by sharing the fundraiser.

We are confident there are many people eager to support your child and Vertical Raise’s platform affords them the opportunity to help if they choose.

This Fundraiser will be a success if you help develop a quality list of valid e-mail addresses.


Please note - e-mails are only used for fundraising and will never be sold or redistributed. Your contacts are strictly PRIVATE, PROTECTED and will never be REDISTRIBUTED.


Overview and Explainer:

1. SAFE and PROTECTED- Vertical Raise is the most reliable online donation platform available. All information is private, 100% secure and will never be redistributed.

2. ONLINE PLATFORM- We will reach potential donors through email, text and all social media. Through these mediums, donors can visit the team fundraiser page and choose to help support the cause with a donation.

3. DESIGN- Vertical Raise is designed to exponentially increase the outreach of any fundraiser and help relieve the financial burden by accessing people who genuinely want to support the cause.


A copy of the Vertical Raise fundraiser intro letter can be downloaded here. It includes a worksheet to help organize the collection of the 20 e-mail addresses - the key to the success of this fundraiser.


Thank you so much for your support!



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Mum Fundraiser now thru Sep 5

The 2022 mum season has officially started, and the Stevenson Band Boosters have partnered with Eckert’s Greenhouse for a mum fundraiser!

Select from a variety of colors with 9” garden mums or pick a 12” multicolor garden mum!

A portion of the proceeds for each item sold will be credited to the student seller’s fundraising account for use with future band expenses.

Order now through September 5th with delivery on September 13th using the link below:


Need a flyer to print / share? Grab one here:

Mum Sale Fundraiser Flyer


Mum Fundraiser



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Romeo Peach Festival Information

The call time for the Romeo Peach Festival Parade on Monday, September 5th is 11 AM at Stevenson High School.

You may wear sunglasses for the parade if you choose.

The uniform for this parade for winds and percussion are white shorts, white shoes, white socks and our navy blue Titan shirt.

Color Guard will wear black shorts, black shoes, black socks and the Theme shirt which you will get either today or on August 25th.

We will provide transportation to and from this event. Please have all students bring a small lunch in case there is no food close to our staging area. We want everyone to be ready to march! We will provide water and light snacks.

The parade begins on Van Dyke, north of 32 mile road at 1:30pm sharp. If you are taking your child home after this parade, please bring a note to the day of the performance and hand it to a SHS Chaperone. You will need to follow the band as they are performing along the route, and meet us at the end of the parade which will be at the 5/3 Bank on Van Dyke, just south of Durham Road.

Parade participants need to have a parent / guardian complete an online permission slip no later than noon on Friday, September 2nd:

Estimated return time is 4:15pm.



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Marching Uniform Pre-Fitting Request


All marching band members, please submit uniform fitting information as soon as possible (a perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday...) to aid our volunteer uniform crew in getting you fit in your full uniform.

The form can be accessed by visiting

  • Seniors, please report to SHS at 5:30 PM on Tuesday 8/23 before rehearsal to get your uniforms (all sections). Mr. Zaharof will be taking photos of you in your full uniform for the stadium banners.
  • Underclassmen, you will be fit prior to our other Tuesday evening rehearsals, starting on 8/30. Times will be communicated to you. We are anticipating full uniforms for the Homecoming game on Sept 23 as long as the weather isn't too hot.





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Important Aug 25 schedule changes

Unfortunately the Marching Band will not be attending the football game on the evening of August 25th due to restrictions that would prevent some of our members from performing. We are looking forward to the first game at Runkel Field on Thursday, September 1st.

Instead, the marching bands from Utica and Stevenson will be rehearsing together on the afternoon of the 25th at Utica HS to prepare for the Peach Festival Parade. Call time is 12:30 PM and the rehearsal will be over at 3 PM.

Incoming Stevenson 10th graders, no matter your last name: Please attend Titan Day registration the morning of the 25th during the 8 - 10 AM window.

Incoming Jeannette 9th graders: You are excused from this rehearsal so you can attend your registration.

In addition to these above changes, there will be a parade rehearsal for both Utica and Stevenson marchers on Friday, Sep 2 at Stevenson. Timing details will be announced soon.



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2022 Away Camp Schedule

Good evening! Day one of home camp is in the books and hopefully your marcher came home and shared a bit of their day with you, including the pdf linked below that contains our schedule for away camp, starting with call time on Sunday morning at 7:30 AM at SHS.

If you haven't seen this flyer -- ask them about it!

For the kids' afternoon free time block (2 - 4 PM Sunday & 3 - 5 PM Monday & Tuesday), they will have access to the Michindoh waterfront area as well as their main gym all three days.

Cash (or a debit/credit card) is needed to buy items from Michindoh's Snack Shack and/or gift shop.

Full details of the activities that are available each day will be shared with the kids upon our arrival to camp at orientation.

The staff is greatly looking forward to the remainder of home camp and the preparations needed to take things on the road on Sunday!

2022 Away Camp Schedule


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2022 Away Camp Packing List

Wondering what to pack for away camp?

The link below is the 2022 version of our away camp packing list. The contents of this list will also be discussed and distributed on paper to the kids during home camp.

Let's gooooooo!!!!

2022 Away Camp Packing List


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Away Camp Medical Form

Good morning! Introducing Mrs. Amanda Zaharof and some very important medical paperwork we will need from all marchers attending away camp on August 14th.

Our 2022 Medical Information form can be downloaded at The form is a fillable pdf - it can be most easily completed by typing on a computer. This also helps greatly with legibility / clarity.

A paper version of the form will also be handed out on Monday evening to all the students for those without a printer / computer access / etc.

There are several options for returning this form:

  • Complete and print it, then return it on paper to the band room no later than Wednesday, August 10th
  • E-mail it to Mike Austerman (attach the pdf)
  • Upload the pdf in CutTime (the form on CutTime was added this morning)


Hello Titan Families! My name is Amanda Zaharof and I will be the camp nurse/Health Care Officer while your children are at Michindoh. This is my 7th year as a Titan marching band parent and my 5th year as one of the nurses who have cared for your marchers at away camp.

Some of you may know my daughter, Chloe, who is the senior drum major this year and my son, Josh (class of 2020), who was part of drumline and also a drum major for three years.

I work alongside senior mom Christie Petras, whose son Aidan is a drumline section leader. Christie and I have worked together for many years at camp and we will care for your children as our own.

Now that introductions have been made, let's get down to the nitty gritty of what I need from you:

  1. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. We have tried to pare down the amount of paperwork that needs to be filled out so that there is less redundancy. My biggest request is that ALL of the information be filled out on this form. Even if something does not apply to you, please answer with N/A so that I know you saw it. Again, please fill out the paperwork in its entirety. Rule of Thumb: The more information about your child, the better. Example: if your child wears a knee/ankle/wrist brace - send it with them but let me know why they're wearing it.
    *if you have specific concerns regarding your child's health/health condition(s) please feel free to contact me.
  2. Medications. YOUR CHILD WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ADMINISTERING THEIR OWN MEDICATIONS, PRESCRIPTION OR NON. I will have very basic medications (Motrin, Tylenol, cough syrup, etc) with me at camp available to your child during assigned nursing hours as long as the above mentioned paperwork is completed.
    ****if your child has an INHALER OR EPI PEN - the device needs to be with your child and, preferably, ON THEIR PERSON AT ALL TIMES (a fanny pack works great for these). If there is a secondary device, I would like it in my possession. Secondary devices left in cabins will not do any good if there is an emergency. These devices will be returned to your student at the end of band camp prior to returning to Stevenson. Questions regarding this, please contact me
  3. If your child is sick at camp, for any reason, they will be returning home. NO EXCEPTIONS. There are no facilities available to quarantine students so you will be required to drive to Michindoh to pick up your child.
  4. If your child is diabetic, I would like to have a separate conversation with you so I can better understand the scope of your child's condition and provide appropriate care.

Just to recap, completed paperwork is key. Mike Austerman has created a pdf that can easily be filled out on your computer which saves you time and makes it easy for me to read. Medications are the responsibility of your child and any sick kiddos will be returning home. I am looking forward to meeting and caring for your children. Please contact me with any questions.

Amanda Zaharof, RN-BSN


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