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Tortoise & the Hair Salon February Fundraiser

All this February, clients mentioning Stevenson Band at Tortoise & the Hair Salon in Troy will help raise funds for the Stevenson Instrumental Music Program!!

Tortoise Fundraiser


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2024 Gonda Scholarship Audition Information

Louis Gonda Memorial Music Scholarship

  • Established to fund opportunities for UCS band students to further their music education
  • Over the years, the Gonda Fund has enabled hundreds of UCS students to attend music camps, take private lessons or otherwise enrich their music study
  • Primary funding source is through admissions at UCS' annual Band-a-Rama Marching Band Show
  • Open to Instrumental Music students in 9th - 11th grades that receive a 1st Division Rating at District Solo & Ensemble Festival
  • 2024 Auditions: Wednesday, February 14, starting at 2:30 PM
  • 2024 Gonda Scholarship Information (pdf)


Utica Community Schools - Louis Gonda Scholarship Information 2024

  1. Auditions will take place Wednesdsay, February 14th beginning at 2:30 PM at Utica High School.Students should enter at Door 11 and follow the posted signs. Auditions will be held on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be a warm up room available for everyone to use prior to your audition. 
  1. There will be a $5.00 audition fee due at the time of your audition. This fee MUST be paid in CASH ONLY.
  1. Each audition will be 3 minutes in lenght. Choose the best 3 minutes of your solo if your solo is longer than three minutes. Because of the short timeframe for each audition, do not expect any feedback from the adjudicator. This is not an indication of a poor audition.
  1. Eligibility:
    • a. Instrumental Music Student’s grades 9-11 are eligible, see section  "c" below.
    • b. Students must continue playing their instrument in the UCS district next year.
    • c. Students must have received a 1st Division rating on their solo at the 2024 High School Solo and Ensemble Festival, and must currently be enrolled in an Instrumental Music class for all of the 2023-2024 school year.
    • d. Previous Gonda scholarship winners are NOT eligible to audition for another Gonda Scholarship.
  1. Piano solos are NOT eligible for the Gonda Scholarship.
  1. You may perform with or without accompaniment. However, please keep in mind that your performance will be enhanced by the use of an accompanist.
  1. Scholarships can be used for summer music camps, marching band camps, or private lessons.
  1. The recipients of the scholarships will be notified the next school day by their director.
  1. Parents, friends, family members, etc. are not allowed in the audition room.


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District Solo & Ensemble Information

Updated  January 22, 2024

2024 MSBOA District XVI High School Solo and Ensemble Festival:

2024 District XVI High School Solo and Ensemble Festival Registration & Payment:

  • Registrations and payments for the 2025 District Festival will be due in the fall of 2024
  • Printable Registration Form (TBA)
  • Cash or checks made payable to Stevenson Band Boosters

Key Information:

2024 MSBOA State Solo & Ensemble Resources

  • Festival date: Saturday, March 16, 2024
  • Festival location: TBA - Either Rochester HS or Stoney Creek HS

Helpful Solo & Ensemble Tips

  • Arrive to the school to give yourself plenty of time to find your warm up room, and to warm up properly
  • Make sure that your accompanists and your ensemble members know where to meet you, and what time
  • Make sure you are dressed professionally, yet comfortable enough so that you are able to perform your best
  • Brass players do not stand face on with the adjudicator while you are performing. Always quarter off during performances
  • Do not make excuses and learn how to take a compliment. Do not “point out” mistakes you made. Remember, there is no such thing as a “perfect performance”
  • Always keep your emotions out of the performance room
  • Avoid drinking milk or eating dairy products prior to performances for all woodwind and brass players
  • Woodwinds, ALWAYS have a back up reed you have played on already with you at ALL TIMES
  • Brass players, do not clean out your instrument the night before the performance. This changes the air resistance of your horn
  • Brass players, have valve oil with you in the room
  • Bring bottled water if you get dry mouth
  • Thank the judge for listening to you after the performance
  • Have fun! This is your time to show off!


Student success checklist

  • You will receive your event time and section number prior to Festival. Guide stations can help direct you to your warm-up room
  • Parking will be chaotic. Give yourself an extra half an hour to make sure you arrive on time and find a parking spot! Arrive no later than a full 45 minutes prior to your performance time - an hour prior is ideal!
  • Introduce yourself to the director in charge of the warm-up room; Hand over your NUMBERED, MARKED, and ORIGINAL score
  • Confirm your fellow ensemble members / accompanist are there
  • Warm up with scales, long tones, chorales, beginnings and endings of pieces. Don't play through your full piece multiple times - this will tire you.
  • When your name is called, go to your performance room with the ORIGINAL score, your music, and your instrument. You are welcome to have as few or as many people come listen as you'd like. You must ask before your record any video footage, some judges may decline
  • Introduce yourself to the judge
  • Tune!
  • Play your piece and listen to the comments from the judge
  • Thank the judge and your are finished and wait outside the room for your rating and the ORIGINAL SCORE
  • Take the ORIGINAL SCORE to the next person if you are sharing (plan in advance!). This is IMPORTANT! If you are finished with the ORIGINAL SCORE, you can bring it to your director.
  • Get your medal from the cafeteria and go tell your director your score!
  • Congratulations! Go home and celebrate!

What to wear:

  • Dress clothes are important to show off your professionalism. Wear what you would wear to band concerts, church, or other special events is appropriate. School dress code DOES apply!
  • No jeans, torn clothing, tennis shoes, or clothing with writing should be worn to Solo & Ensemble Festival; it is a serious event
  • Remember that you are representing yourself, your director, and your school


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January 8th Panera Bread Restaurant Night

It's a Panera Bread Restaurant Night next Monday (Jan 8) at the Van Dyke / Metro Pkwy location from 4 - 8 PM!!

25% giveback to the Boosters!!

Use the code FUND4U at online checkout / store kiosk - or print out / show on your phone this flyer:

Panera Flyer


Click to download a Printable Flyer


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Winter Concert tickets on sale

Tickets for the Stevenson High School Instrumental Music Winter/Holiday Concert are now on sale online at

The concert takes place on Tuesday, December 19th at 7 PM in the Stevenson Performing Arts Center.

Tickets are $5 for adults age 18 and over and free for children age 17 and under. Performers do not need a ticket.

Tickets are sold online only - there will be no cash sales and no sales at the door.

This concert features:

  • Wind Ensemble (Mr. Sekich's 2nd/3rd hour classes)
  • Concert Band (4th/5th hour)
  • A special preview from the Jazz Band (6th hour)
  • A musical review of the 2023 Marching Band season (all marchers that participated in the season, including junior high & guard perform).

Due to the number of students that are performing, we anticipate seating for this concert will be full with some spectators having to stand.

To make seating work as efficiently as possible, when purchasing avoid leaving straggler single seats. Buy your seats next to those already sold if at all possible so we can maximize usage of available seats.


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Marching Banquet Tickets On Sale Thru Dec 14

Tickets for the Marching Band Banquet are now available at

  • Banquet Date: Monday, December 18th
  • Banquet Time: Doors open at about 6 PM, dinner served at about 6:30 PM
  • Banquet Location: Century Banquet Center, Maple Lane @ 14 Mile Road
  • Banquet Cost: $25 per attendee, plus processing fee
  • Ticket sale cutoff date: Thursday, December 14th


  • Everyone (including all students) must purchase a full-price ticket – even if planning on arriving late / not eating.
  • This is a social activity to share a meal and celebrate the 2023 Marching Band – there is no performance.
  • Attendance is 100% optional
  • Typical attendees are marching band members (including Guard and junior high students) and some parents also choose to attend. Younger siblings are welcome too – but they must purchase a full-price ticket and there is no entertainment provided.
  • There is no cash option and tickets will not be available after December 14th so that an accurate count can be provided to the banquet hall.
  • Typical attire is dressy casual – some students enjoy getting dressed up for an evening out. You can expect the room to be divided up; students sit on one side and adults sit together on the other.
  • The evening usually wraps up no later than 9 PM

Basket Raffle

The Band Boosters will be holding a fundraising CASH gift basket raffle during the banquet and need donations to make this a success.

Suggested donations have been organized by sections to help gather a variety of family-friendly items: Saxes/Horns- Sports; Clarinets- Coffee/tea; Guard- Chocolate; Flutes- Home accents; Low Brass- Instant lottery tickets; Percussion- Gift cards; Trumpets- Movies.

Donations need to get to the SHS band room no later than December 13th so that the baskets can be assembled.

Thank you!!


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Fall Poinsettia and Wreath Sale

Poinsettia and Wreath Orders

With the arrival of the holiday season (well at least on our radios...), there's obviously no better time to order holiday poinsettias, wreaths and more through the Stevenson Band Boosters!!!

Items will be available to order through Nov 19 with delivery the first full week of December.

Once again this year, each item purchased will raise money for both the Boosters' general fund as well as for the student that is credited for the sale.

Orders are placed online only at:


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Panda Express Restaurant Day - Nov 1

Panda Express Restaurant Day - with an AMAZING 50% give back!!

  • When: Wednesday, November 1st from 10:30 AM - 8:30 PM
  • Where: The new Panda Express at Van Dyke & Metro Pkwy (in the Meijer parking lot)
  • Who: Bring the whole family! Bring the whole neighborhood (I mean, who doesn't like orange chicken??)!!



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MSBOA District 16 Solo & Ensemble Signup Info

Stevenson HS MSBOA Solo & Ensemble Information

2024 MSBOA District XVI High School Solo and Ensemble Festival:

  • High School events: Saturday, February 3, 2024
    • Event schedule (TBA)
    • Site Map and Info (TBA)
  • Chamber / Jr. High School events: Saturday, January 20, 2024
    • Event Schedule (TBA)
    • Site Map and Info (TBA)
  • Location: Rochester High School

2024 District XVI High School Solo and Ensemble Festival Registration & Payment:

  • Registrations and payments for the 2024 District Festival are due Wednesday, November 1st
  • Printable Registration Form (pdf)
  • Cash or checks made payable to Stevenson Band Boosters

Key Information:


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MSBOA Marching Festival Timeline

Marching Band Festival Timeline!

Tuesday, October 10: Late afternoon / evening rehearsal

  • Call time 4:30 PM (note this earlier than the norm!) Rehearsal runs no later than 7 PM and will likely end earlier due to Powderpuff football. This is our last Tuesday evening rehearsal.
  • Next Tuesday (10/17) is Tuesday Night Lights with our feeder junior high band students!
  • Tue 10/10: Marching Band Seniors ONLY decorate the room following rehearsal. All non-marching seniors MUST leave! No recent grad alumni, etc.

Wednesday, October 11: MSBOA Marching Band Festival, Troy High School (Long Lake Rd / Northfield Pkwy)

  • Purchase $5 cash tickets from the Boosters in advance. Tickets at the gate are cash only
  • NOTE: We will NOT be meeting right after school for a walkthrough; this has been cancelled
  • 5:15 PM: Call time at SHS in Full Uniform, for mental show run in band room
  • 5:40 PM: Load truck
  • 6:00 PM: All marching band students ride bus to Troy HS
  • 6:30 PM: Festival preparations at Troy HS (Event itself begins at 6:30pm for spectators)
  • 8:00 PM: Stevenson HS scheduled performance time
  • approx. 8:45 PM: Scores announced
  • approx. 9:00 PM: All marching band students ride bus back to SHS
  • approx. 9:30 PM: return to Stevenson, unload truck

Looking ahead:

Friday, October 13 - Home football game / Senior Night (Senior Parents participate at halftime!)

  • Tickets (including senior parents) must be purchased with credit card. GoFan link:
  • Specific timeline TBA
  • Highlights of the day include:
    • Snaking the halls during SHS’ 6th hour
    • Boosters’ feed kids before game
    • Football game vs. Fraser – Senior features during halftime


Tuesday, October 17 – Tuesday Night Lights with Junior High band students!

  • If the weather does not cooperate, we will cancel this event
  • Specific timeline TBA


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