News: Stevenson Instrumental Music Program

Info for Senior Night Oct 23

Friday Night Football notes (10/23/20)!

  • 5:30pm: Call time
  • 5:35pm: Senior Rehearsal
  • 5:45pm: Full Band rehearsal
  • 6:30pm: Enter Stadium

Senior Parent Information

Senior parents, please report to the scoreboard area outside the track gate with 5 minutes remaining in the 2nd quarter. I will meet you there and let you in. Everyone must have a mask on. There are no exceptions on this rule in the stadium, thank you.

At halftime, the band will perform Imperial March, then Masquerade. At the conclusion of Masquerade, the Seniors will make a formation on the field. At that time, they will perform Let it Be, and Hey Jude. At the end of Hey Jude, please stand behind your senior and as you enter the field, please keep you distance from our other families.


Potential rain date due to thunderstorms is Saturday, October 24th @ 1 PM

If the weather is not safe for the game to continue, it will be rescheduled for this Saturday. We will not be doing our Senior Performance if the game is moved to Saturday.. We have some members that have previous commitments that day. So we will perform for you and your families in the spring when we do our annual Senior Circle. We need all the Seniors there and together. That date is TBA.


Performance Reminders:

  • All students are expected to remain at the ENTIRE game, and NOT leave after Halftime unless you are becoming physically ill or are injured. Earning your Phys Ed credit requires attendance at every Marching Band practice/performance. Missing for illness is excused, but work/vacations are not as stated in the Marching Band Handbook.

Mr. Sekich & Ms. Foerster


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10/14 Update: Marching Band Theme Shirts

10/14 Update on Theme Shirts


Due to popular demand, the storefront to purchase the "Behind the Mask" theme shirts has been reopened!

Go here to order:

Deadline to order is this Friday, 10/16, at 11:59 PM

More good news -- An option has been added - long-sleeve t-shirts. Those start at $18/ea (there is an upcharge for XXL and XXXL sizes). T-shirt prices remain the same as before, $14 and up, as well as the hoodie prices ($26 and up).

To keep the prices down, they will NOT be shipping these items to you directly -- it work just like before, they will be available for in-person pickup TBD.

Thanks for your enthusiasm!!


T-shirt Front

T-shirt Back

Hoodie Front

Hoodie Back


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Marching Band schedule changes

Some important Marching Band schedule updates to announce this morning!


  • Senior Night activities from the Parent Show on 10/11 to the last home game on 10/23, at the request of the seniors


  • Two-hour rehearsal blocks from 5-7 PM on Tuesday, October 13th and Tuesday, October 20th (weather permitting). Mr. Sekich will be working with the kids on things like "stand" (this year it'll be track) music, The Star-Spangled Banner, and the music seniors will be playing at the game on 10/23 along with continued development of "Behind the Mask" music
  • As of now, Mr. Sekich is NOT planning on having sectionals prior to these rehearsals (activities will begin at 5 PM, not 3:50 PM)

Senior Night Details:

  • For those familiar with our typical senior night activities, they will be a bit different this year. Due to the current restrictions, Mr. Sekich will be unable to hand out flowers and provide cider and donuts. As we get closer to the 23rd, the exact logistics for this evening will be announced, including how ticketing will work. For now we assume the 2-ticket limitation will remain in place


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Volunteer signups for upcoming events on Oct 11 & Oct 16

The Band Boosters are looking for some extra help to get both the kids and their parents checked in for the Parent Show this Sunday 10/11 and the SHS home football game on Friday 10/16.

These roles are critically important to make sure we follow the UCS COVID-19 protocols.

Volunteers are not expected to miss any part of the performance on Sunday and the game on the 16th!

Spectators, your help is appreciated in arriving at least 15-20 minutes before the start time of the events so all volunteers can join their families in the stands.

If you can help out, please visit to sign up for either or both dates!!



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Update: Marching Band permitted to play at home football games beginning Oct 16

Good Morning,

We have received information regarding the Marching Bands playing at Home Football games starting on October 16th against Grosse Pointe South! WE ARE A GO!

We will be sitting in the North end zone, (under scoreboard) as we will not be permitted to sit in the stands due to social distancing. Details will be discussed on this upcoming Tuesday’s rehearsal.

We will be sending out information on how members will receive their TWO ADULT tickets. This is crucial for contact tracing.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Musically Yours,
Mr. Sekich


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News Flash - Oct 11 Marching Band Parent Show

News Flash

Hello Stevenson Parents and Students,

We are having a Parent Show/Senior Performance for our Marching Band on October 11th at 4pm at Runkel Field at Stevenson High School. We are very excited to offer this opportunity to our students and parents. Gates will open at approximately 3:30 PM to collect tickets.  There will be no concessions sold.

Please take the time to carefully read the bottom Covid-19 statement to ensure the safety of all in attendance.

  • All Covid 19 procedures must still be followed with students checking on online no later than 12 noon that day
  • All spectators are being asked to go through the questions on your own, and if you answer "yes" to any of the questions, please do not attend this event
  • Spectators must sit 6ft apart from other families in the stands
  • We are ONLY allowing two tickets (no charge for tickets) PER STUDENT IN THE GROUP. There will not be any deviation on this rule. -See below
  • Please park in the teacher back lot to avoid the main lot. Our students will be exiting to the main lot at the conclusion of the performance to put away/collect all SHS instruments etc.
  • Free tickets will be distributed to students beginning at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, September 29th & Tuesday October 6th (near the back door of the band room)

This event will be available for Livestream as well, details will follow.

Covid-19 Statement

All attendance at all outside school events and matches for regions currently in Phase 4 is limited to Two (2) guests per participant for both indoor and outdoor events. Only the pre-identified two guests per participants will be allowed into the performance. The same requirement extends to being on school premises. Given the current restrictions, there cannot be any gathering outside of the performances on any school property (no tailgating, for example).

Attendance at this performance is strictly limited to participants and their two guests along with identified essential personnel.

Another important requirement of note is the fact that “Spectators are required to wear face coverings and be physically distant from those not in the same household.” As stated in the MHSAA Fall Guidance document, “Consistent with current Executive Orders, face coverings shall be worn by Staff, medical staff, media members and spectators.”

Additionally, “There are no provisions in EO 180 for medical intolerance reasons or medical waivers” that would alleviate someone from the mask requirement.

After our performance is concluded, please exit immediately. The stadium needs to be disinfected for an hour, and Ford II will be entering for their Parents Show.

This performance will conclude our 2020 Marching Band Season.

Musically Excited!
Mr. Sekich


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Tuesday Rehearsal Setup and Information

Good morning,

For the Tuesday evening rehearsals in the parking lot, please use the following layout to find your spot:

Marching Band Tuesday Rehearsal Layout

Marching Band members shall:

  • Stay home if sick
  • Report directly to the parking lot field to be checked in and temperature taken
  • Rehearsal (playing) begins promptly at 5 PM. You must arrive no later than 4:45 to get checked in
  • Instrument cases, water bottles, etc remain with you. Place them in front of where you are standing to encourage distance between yourself and your bandmates

Thank you!


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2020 Marching Band Season Update

Hello Stevenson Parents and Students,

I am pleased to provide an update to everyone on the progression of our marching season. We have certainly gotten used to change being our constant companion over the past couple months.

Just a week ago, football was moved back to take place in the fall and there are understandably questions about what that means for us. Provided below are some details regarding the current UCS restrictions for marching band:

  • Moving forward, we will be able to have the full marching band rehearse together
  • Performance in Marching Band is part of the school curriculum for our Instrumental Music classes as a co-curricular activity. Schools are allowed to bring students back for instruction as long as they can follow safety protocols. We believe we can meet those protocols while meeting as a full band

Safety protocol highlights:

  • Masks must always be worn when not playing instruments
  • Drumline/Frontline and Colorguard will wear masks when playing/performing
  • Six-foot distancing will be maintained and there will continue to be temperature checks and monitoring of attendance
  • Please see the Stevenson Marching Band self-screen protocols as a reminder on the website, If a student answers "yes" to any of the questions, they must not attend rehearsal and must follow other directions as outlined in the document

We will meet to rehearse on Tuesday evenings from 5-7pm at Stevenson in the parking lot field. The time and location has been adjusted due to the football team needing the field and the earlier sunsets this time of year.

Regarding performances, UCS is committed to providing an opportunity down the road for marching bands to perform. It will not take place at football games due to the current MHSAA ruling of no bands at games. However, we are working on a separate performance opportunity. Please stay tuned for more information to come at a later time.

If there are specific questions, please let me know. Thank you for all your understanding and support through the current season!

Mr. Sekich


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2020 Marching Band "Camp" Information & Attire Update

Camp dates are Monday, August 17th - Thursday, August 20th

  • We will continue to hold sectionals up to August 11
  • On Monday, August 17, all Marching Band students will report at at 8:20 AM directly to their sectional areas for temperature checks. Students with a fever above at or above 100.3 will not be permitted to participate and must return home
  • Formal camp activities will conclude at about 11:30 AM each day
  • DO NOT MINGLE with each other. All rules of social distancing will continue including wearing masks when not playing (wind instruments) / at all times (percussionists)
  • You must continue to check-in online with the COVID-19 self reporting form prior to arriving at SHS
  • This routine will repeat each day of home camp!



If you would like a free breakfast and lunch provided by UCS, please respond to your section leaders ASAP. We do not want to waste food. We will bring the breakfast to you in your sections.

Breakfast / morning snack:

  • A benefit bar, juice & milk

Lunches: 11:30 (will be delivered to your sections again)

  • Monday- Popcorn chicken
  • Tuesday: Twin Cheeseburgers
  • Wednesday: mac & cheese
  • Thursday- Bosco breadsticks

If you want to bring a lunch, you are more than welcome to do so. If you would like to leave instead of eating lunch, as we will be dismissed after, that is fine.

Bring your water jugs!!!!

Marching band attire & cost update

  • Mr. Sekich has decided to skip marching shoes and the navy blue shirts for 2020-21. Those of you that have already bought these items for the current year will be receiving refunds as they will not be ordered
  • A 2020-21 theme shirt is being worked on - all students will receive one as part of the $125 Marching Band Fee all students must pay to participate
  • This year's $125 fee was reduced from the usual $450 as the band is not traveling to an away camp, but will still incur some costs such as the theme shirts, paying for the staff that has been working with the kids during their sectionals, and so forth
  • It is still anticipated that away camp will be reinstated in 2021-22 as will the normal costs and attire requirements

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding as we all try to figure out the best way forward this year.


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Important information for Summer Sectionals!

Good Morning,

After a lot of time and effort on everyone's part, we are ready to move forward with a plan for summer sectionals that I feel is the best scenario at this given time.

In my conversations with Mr. Pfannes, we truly feel we can manage and facilitate learning taking the following steps to ensure everyone's safety to the best of our abilities. The times we are looking at are Tuesdays, from 4pm-8pm beginning Tuesday, July 7th.

All students MUST fill out the GOOGLE DOC Health screen PRIOR to attending the sectional that day. All forms will be recorded on site, and kept in the Stevenson Band Trailer for easy access for all instructors and adult helpers.

Students will arrive and be asked to park in multiple different locations, due to the construction at Stevenson High School. (Subdivisions, church lot, Dodge Park, City Hall. We will set this up with all of the places. We have worked with them hosting before).

Students must bring their own water jug. (128 oz is recommended)

Students will practice social distancing and wear a mask when not playing. Each section has a check-in point so they do not come in contact with more than 25 students/instructors.

Please do not carpool together. That defeats our purpose of separate section rehearsals.

The following location list has been assigned:

  • Flutes: Right side of Baseball Field (BBF), arrive at 3:45pm depart 5:45pm
  • Clarinets: Center field of BBF, arrive at 4pm depart 6pm
  • Alto & Tenor Saxophones & Horns (mellophones): Right field of BBF, arrive at 4:15pm depart 6:15pm
  • Trumpets: At Band Rock. behind BBF, arrive at 4:30pm depart 6:30pm
  • Low Brass: Behind Auditorium, by double door, arrive at 4:45pm depart 6:45pm
  • Colorguard: Church/ or front ECC circle drive area, arrive 5pm depart 7pm
  • Drumline: Behind home bleachers on cement area, arrive 6pm depart 8pm

Students temps will be taken every day, etc and will be dismissed at staggered times to avoid the over-flow of possible contact.

If we remain in Phase 4/5 according to the Governor's reopening guidelines, we will keep this process for our full camp in August, (12-14, 17-22) all at SHS. If the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) changes the calendar to Spring Football on July 20th, we will reevaluate our position at that time and I will keep you posted to our plan of action.

Thank you!
Michael D. Sekich


For Percussionists ONLY!

Drummers! We plan on doing placements on Thursday 7/9 starting at 6pm.

Please bring your own pair of sticks to Thursday's meeting. What ever you are comfortable with. They will not be provided until placements.

For placements, we will have you play individually on a snare or tenor so we can assess your skills. This is not a test – we just need to see where the best to place you and ensure your success within the Front Line or Battery for the 2020 school year.

Ensure that you know and are comfortable with the warmups and audition piece within the technique packet.

Bring a lawn chair since it may take some time for your turn to come. Those will not be needed once regular practices are started. The next practice will be held on 7/14 to finalize the placements and start practices once a week on Tuesdays per the band schedule.

Going forward once the drumline positions are set, ensure that you show up early to practice so that downbeat starts at 6PM. That means COVID questionnaire complete, drum set up, music ready to go, and sticks in hand by 6PM!

Check out the band website for COVID procedures. Masks and social distancing are required!

FYI - If you brought any drumline equipment home, you must return it back to the trailer on Thursday 7/9

Nathan Belloli



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