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Band BoostersWelcome volunteers!

The Stevenson Band Booster Club was organized to supplement the Instrumental Music program with fundraising activities, chaperoning, and other support activities under the direction of the Band Director and Booster Board.

If you have a child in any Stevenson Band Ensemble, you are automatically a Band Booster and are asked to volunteer your time and talents. The Boosters are often in need of donations of time and items to support the band. Click the link below to explore our current volunteer opportunities:


Click to download the 2019-20 Volunteer Check Form

2019-20 Background Check process for Band volunteers:

1. Complete and submit a background check directly to the Band program. Place completed forms in an envelope and place them in the Blue Box (under the American Flag) in the SHS Band Room.

2. Your completed form will be inventoried (only) by a parent designated by Mr. Sekich. This list will be used for reference to ensure our volunteers have completed their annual background check.

3. The completed form is submitted to the UCS Human Resources department via Mr. Cucchi's office for processing.

4. If you do not hear something from Mr. Sekich or Mr. Cucchi in a roughly 2 week time period after you submit your form, you can safely assume you have been cleared to volunteer for all band activities.

5. Even if you submit a background check through another UCS building, or through another Stevenson HS volunteer activity, please submit a new background check with the band so Mr. Sekich can maintain the list of cleared volunteers.

6. UCS employees do not need to submit a background check. Please ensure however your name is placed on our volunteer list by presenting your UCS ID. Employees of other school districts still need to submit a background check through UCS / the band.

7. A separate background check that is run by the Band Boosters will still be required for Away Camp volunteers each July prior to camp. Even if you completed this process earlier in 2019, you must submit a new background check to UCS, through the band, for the new school year.

Thank you for doing your part to help keep our Titans safe!

Click to download the 2019-20 Volunteer Check Form

Band Booster volunteers/chaperones are asked purchase and wear "official" Booster polo shirts and name tags. This is done for a couple reasons, the most important being safety related - giving the kids a visual way to quickly identify a parent should the need arise. The bonus is that it makes us look organized and professional to our hosts and other band parents.

To place an order, visit the link below and submit your request. Payment (check or money order payable to Stevenson Band Boosters) is due when you receive your order - which typically takes a week or two to produce, depending on how busy the embroiderer is.

Band Student, Alumni and Booster Merchandise: Online Orders & Payments

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