Marching Band Physicals: Stevenson Instrumental Music Program


Stevenson Marching Band 2024-25 Physical Upload Information using BigTeams

The Stevenson Marching Band is using the same system as the athletic departments at SHS, DJHS, and JJHS to submit required sports physicals. This will result in one system that will work the same way no matter which secondary school you attend and no matter which activity / activities you participate in (band and/or sports)

This will also eliminate the issue of misplaced physicals for those that opt to participate in winter and/or spring sports.


Physicals must be completed and uploaded to BigTeams no later than Thursday, August 1st. Both sides of the form must be fully completed.


Getting started with Big Teams:

If you have previously registered for a sport and submitted a physical for a previous school year through Big Teams Student Central, the student and parent accounts you previously created will now also work for the band this coming year- you do not need to register again.

You do need to submit a new physical, dated on or after April 15, 2024, for the new school year.

Be sure to select Marching Band as one of your sports (and add Stevenson High School if you are/were a junior high school student in 2023-24 or will be in 2024-25).


For new users to Big Teams, follow these instructions:

  1. The student will go to and follow the next steps (as a student) to complete registration.
    Click “Sign Up To Create New Account” and proceed through the account creation process (Note: Your school has not created an account for you).
    IMPORTANT: Register for the school you will attend classes at in 2024-25. If you are a junior high school student, you will then add Stevenson as a second school to be able to select Marching Band as one of your sports.
  1. A parent/guardian will go to and follow the next steps (as a parent/guardian) to complete registration.
    Click “Sign Up To Create New Account” and proceed through the account creation process. (NOTE: Your login email address will need to be unique to your account and cannot be re-used. If you are a parent and also a staff member, you will need two accounts with two unique logins, one for being a parent and one for being a staff member.)
  1. The student will send an invitation to their parent/guardian to link accounts: To do so, use the search “+ Link Parent Account” search options. If no results found, input parent’s preferred email address or mobile number, and click Send Request.
    Proceed to Athletic Forms after sending linking request or wait to complete the form requirements with your linked parent after they accept the invite.
  1. The parent/guardian will accept the invitation to link accounts: The invitation will show within the parent profile. The linking invitation is emailed/texted to the intended parent but does not require action in order to accept the invite. Simply sign in with the email address/phone number that your student invited you by going to your Linked Accounts section. Once linked with student proceed to next step.


Everyone completes these steps:

  1. Completion of “Exam” digital form (you must scan and upload of both pages of physical form): Required for all Marching Band Members. Must be a new physical, dated on or after April 15, 2024.
  1. Requested - Completion of Emergency Contact – Parent/guardian Only: Your school utilizes the Emergency Contact section to build reports for game/events. Be sure to input as much information as possible, clicking UPDATE at the bottom when complete.
    Relevant information will also carry over to digital forms saving you time when completing registration for your student(s).
    Once complete click Forms followed by Athletic Forms.
  1. Optional - Completion of remainder of digital forms (these are required if playing a sport, optional for band): Students can begin completing forms while logged into their own account by clicking Forms and then Athletic Forms.
    Students can also wait for their parents to accept the linking request before getting started.
    In the Linked Accounts section for parent accounts there is a “Sign In As” feature that will allow students to sign their forms while logged into the parent account.
    Once Parents are linked with your student(s), click Forms followed by Athletic Forms. From there, scroll down to your first student’s form requirements. Once complete, all forms will either show a status of Complete, Pending Staff Approval, or Awaiting Athlete Signature.
    Need to help your student? Return to your Linked Accounts page after clicking My Profile to assist your student with their signature requirements.


Approved and/or Declined Notifications: If/when all forms are complete/approved by your school, a notification will be sent to you stating all forms have been accepted. You will be notified via email and/or text message (if you have selected the text message option during account creation). If a form has been declined by your school, you will be sent a notification in which you will be given the reason for denial and a link to review and resubmit your changes back to the school.


IMPORTANT: Band students that are not playing a sport and opt not to complete all the athletic forms will not receive an approval notification through BigTeams.

If you opt to skip these forms, you will have the opportunity to return later to complete them should you change your mind about participating in a sport.


Need additional assistance? Check out Self Help on the BigTeams site or visit the help website at:


Be sure to keep track of your BigTeams account information. Students and parents will continue to use these same logins to submit physicals and register for athletics each season / year they are a participant.

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Updated  March 29, 2024