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Student attire requirements - Dec 5 Concert

Students: What to wear for the December 5th Concert!

All Marching Band Members:

  • During the Marching Band portion of the concert, you are wearing your regular Marching Band Uniform (percussion in their football jerseys). No hats, no gloves. You will need to wear your marching shoes and the appropriate color socks (so, white marching shoes = you need to change into white socks).
  • This performance is for the entire Marching Band - no matter which school you attend during the day.
  • There is a rehearsal for the entire Marching Band at 3:30 PM on Monday, December 3rd to review the music from this year's show and to go over logistics. This is NOT a dress rehearsal.

Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band & Concert Band (2nd, 3rd, 5th hours):

  • Ladies must wear dress black long skirts (below the knee) or slacks, a dress black blouse or sweater, and black dress shoes- preferably flats.
  • Men will be issued a black tuxedo jacket at school. Men must wear a white winged-tipped tuxedo shirt, black dress pants, and black socks with black dress shoes. Bow ties and cummerbunds are provided by the band.
  • Percussion: Follow the same guidelines above.
  • Instead of a school-issued tux jacket, men may wear their own plain black suit (no pin stripes).
  • Tux shirts can be purchased at a discount from Wesner Tuxedo if you mention you are with Stevenson Band.

Jazz Band (4th hour):

  • All Jazz Band members that are performing with either Wind Ensemble and/or Concert Band- you must follow the guidelines above.
  • Jazz Band Members performing exclusively with Jazz Band only are to wear their regular Jazz Performance attire (see Mr. Sekich with questions).

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