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Preliminary NYC Trip Signup Information

Getting ready for signups to start for the New York trip! A bit of preliminary information beforehand:

  • The trip registration portal will open this evening, September 29th, just before 7 PM
  • Remind will be used to send out the link needed for registration
  • There will be 100 spots open for students; we are asking that ONLY students register starting this evening and place deposits (the student package will be the only one offered today). We've had over 110 student interest slips turned in, which would mean a wait list situation with 2 completely full buses going. Once we see how many registrations there are on Monday, we will add adult packages and invite parents to join the trip (or waitlist). Next, there will be 6 parent chaperones (4 band, 2 theater, 1 choir) hand selected by Sekich/Jackson/Gard-Eret moved from the waitlist to the active trip. Please be patient as we work through the details of this step! Our goals remain: Students get priority for the trip and all chaperones selected are fully prepared and aware of their responsibilities (it's not a vacation).
  • Priority will be given to complete registrations ($250 deposit paid), followed by the timestamp of registration. Those registering without paying a deposit will be bumped to the waitlist should more than 100 students sign up.
  • All Adult registrations / non- band/choir/drama student signups will be moved to the waitlist should there be 100 or more students sign up by Monday. The interest slip that was turned in will be used to help guide any decisions that need to be made about waitlists.
  • Opting in to travel insurance is strongly recommended! Standard insurance will be $70, enhanced/cancel for any reason insurance will be $109.
  • Preliminary adult pricing: Double occupancy - $1949; Single occupancy - $2549.
  • We highly recommend using an actual computer to register. There are many steps, including providing medical information, and it's easy to get "lost" on a mobile device.
  • We strongly recommend that a parent/guardian complete the registration process. Accurate information is essential and having a student completing what is essentially a contract to spend over $1000 is less than ideal.

We are very excited that we look good for filling up two buses - and that there is still hope for a third.

Thank you!



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