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Portillo's Restaurant Day - February 6th

Portillos Feb 6 Fundraiser


Flyer - February 6th Portillo's Day


Join the Stevenson Band Boosters at Portillo's at Lakeside Mall (14425 Lakeside Circle: M-59 east of Schoenherr) for a fundraising day on Monday, February 6th any time from 11 AM - 8 PM!

Dine-in or Drive Thru: Show the flyer (or a digital version of the flyer) linked below to your order-taker prior to ordering at the restaurant or in the drive-thru. You can also simply mention the fundraiser or your fundraising group to be included as a participant! Everyone going through the drive-thru must inform the first order-taker for it to count.

Online pickup orders: There is a digital code on the flyer (PORTILLOS65) that will allow you to include Portillo's direct advance PICKUP orders in the fundraising total! Place your pick-up order online or in the Portillo's app using the code on your flyer (PORTILLOS65) before checkout in the “Apply Offer” field.

The Band Boosters will get 20% back from everyone who brings in the flyer, shows it on their phone, mentions the organization prior to checkout, or places a direct advance pickup order using the digital code.

Don't forget the chocolate cake!!


Flyer - February 6th Portillo's Day



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