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Parent NYC Trip Signup Info

Good evening! Thanks for your understanding as we methodically work through the necessary steps to keep signing up everyone for the New York trip in a fair manner.

The next step is here – parents interested in traveling, please sign up starting this evening at

You’ll want to complete as much registration information as possible, including a parent (double occupancy) trip.

Since we are currently in a waitlist situation, the Bob Rogers system will not permit payment for new signups at this time.

It is our hope that we will have enough signups by later this week so that the third bus can be added. If a third bus is indeed added, these are the steps that will be followed to fill it:

All students that are currently on the waitlist will be added to the trip first (there are 25)

2. Parents will be added to the trip. If we exceed the bus capacity for the third bus, a lottery system will be implemented to select parents after chaperones are selected.

Official chaperones from the signups will be hand-selected by Mr. Sekich, Mrs. Jackson, and Mrs. Gard-Eret.





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