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Night at the Races Fundraiser Update

A little bit of good news in this bad news world we live in right now but we have solidified a reschedule of our "night at the races" event!

The Night at the Races event at Carpathia Club is now going to be on June 13th at 6pm. We understand that it is after school potentially gets out and smack in the middle of graduation season, however this was the only date on the spring calendar that was available with both the venue and the horse guy.

We do not know what the future holds in the short term and into late April and early May. We were happy that we could get a date in June and didn't potentially conflict with other fundraising events and graduation.

In regards to individuals who have purchased tickets already and this new date doesn't work, please reach out and we will gladly refund your entire ticket purchase. To those who have purchased horses and/or silver or gold sponsorships, we ask that you consider still honoring these purchases as in the long run will help the band program. However if you would like a refund on those as well, we would honor your request.

On somewhat of a bright note, the weather will be nicer by June and this will give us more time to make this event a huge success for Mr. Sekich and the Instrumental Program for years to come.

I would like to personally thank the entire committee for working tirelessly to make this event a success even with the date change.

Sorry about the long post!



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