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Marching Band Info for Sept 15

Here is our plan and timeline for this week's home football game – go Titans, beat Dakota!!

Different this week: dinner is on your own prior to arriving back at Stevenson

  • Marchers will be in full uniform for the game (percussion and guard follow your adult instructors’ directions). Full uniform includes: white marching shoes, white socks and marching helmet. The band will provide plumes. We will not be using gloves. Uniforms may be brought to the Stevenson band room and hung on garment racks starting Thursday morning.
  • The Stevenson Band Boosters will be selling cookies and other treats during the game. CASH SALES ONLY!
  • Parents – extra hands are requested for these activities: Hanging senior banners on the fence in the stadium (4:30 PM) and helping with crowd control / getting the band in & out of the bleachers (just before kickoff and before/after halftime). If you can help, report to the appropriate spot at the above times. Thank you!
  • Junior High / UAIS Marchers – don’t forget your instruments!
  • Reminder: Students cannot leave the game early. We are on duty as a full band for the entire evening.
  • Game tickets are required for spectators - and cash is not accepted at the gate for tickets (they will have a credit card reader). It is MUCH easier and faster to buy tickets online prior to arriving at SHS:

1:15 PM: Students from Davis, Heritage/UAIS, Jeannette, and the IRC may arrange for early dismissal to get to Stevenson to snake the halls. All marchers, including guard, are invited – this is not mandatory. Transportation to SHS is on your own. Parents should confirm an early dismissal with the attendance line at their school. Enter SHS through the main office.

1:30 PM: Stevenson marchers dismissed from their classes (at their teacher’s discretion) to report to the band room.

1:40 PM: Assemble in the band room, put instruments together, etc.

1:50 PM: Step off / snaking the halls. Wear a Stevenson Band shirt to school that day to snake the halls (we do not wear our full uniforms for snaking the halls).

2:14 PM: Stevenson dismissal. The band room will remain open after school (there will be an adult present). If you are planning on staying at SHS, you must plan for dinner on your own. There will be no food available this evening.

5:45 PM: Call time for all marching band members.

5:55 PM: Marchers must be fully dressed for the game.

6:00 PM: Full band lines up in the circle drive next to the auditorium.

6:05 PM: Warm-up.

Approx. 6:25 PM: Parade into stadium.

Approx. 6:40 PM: Stevenson Band Pregame on track.

Approx: 6:55 PM: Stevenson Band plays Star-Spangled Banner.

7:00 PM: Kickoff – Stevenson vs. Dakota.

Approx 8:15 PM: Stevenson Band performs as part of halftime. We will playing playing about 1/2 of our show (the first 2 songs).

Approx 9:45 PM: Postgame activities

Approx 10:00 PM: Dismissal. ALL MARCHING BAND UNIFORMS MUST GO HOME. DO NOT LEAVE THEM AT SCHOOL! Tip: Shoes and marching helmet can be carried in the garment bag.

As always, we do not control the length/timing of football games. All game-related times are best guesses based on an average game.


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