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Marching Band Home Camp FAQs

What are the times?

Most mornings, the band room will be open at about 8:15 AM. Social time will begin at 8:30, with the formal start of organized activities beginning promptly at 9:00 AM (hint – be 100% ready, in your seat, instrument out, music out, etc no later than 8:55 AM). Dismissal Monday – Thursday will be roughly 3:00 PM, depending on how the day goes. Students will typically be asked to leave the building by 3:30 PM.

Friday, instruction will end around noon, with a lunch provided by the Band Boosters to follow. After lunch, we will all work together to get loaded for away camp and dismissal will be determined by how well / fast we get loaded.

This is crazy! Will I ever adjust to Marching Band?

Rest assured, this begins Mr. Sekich’s 28th year leading the Stevenson Marching Band. There is a method to what appears to be madness, especially for those of you in your first go-round. There are many details that he, his staff, and his parent volunteers are constantly working on between now and October. Things will happen to help ensure student safety, success, and preparation. Be patient. While you may be caught off guard at times with changes/more information still to come, you will adjust and see that there is a plan (based on lots of experience) behind when and how things are announced and done.

Where / when do I drop off my donations?

Please do not bring donation items into the band room. Parents will be collecting the items in the hallway between the band room and main gym.

What will the kids be doing this week?

There are several areas of focus: a) indoor music practices, both as a full group and with their sections, b) beginning to learn their marching drill (the formations you’ll see on the field, c) preparing for Away Camp

What will they be doing to prepare for Away Camp?

In addition to verbal instructions and suggestions, the kids will be signing up for their housing (essentially, selecting their roommates), for which bus they will be riding (our buses will be filled nearly to capacity, making advance signups necessary), and signing up for Paintball (this is an optional activity that is $17 per hour to play, with an extra $5 charge should the player wish to purchase more paintballs – more details to come). Parents will be working to make sure all paperwork has been completed so we can leave promptly on Saturday morning (times tba).

How about Marching Band uniforms, shoes, and those navy blue shirts?

Returning members, now is the time to make sure you still have Marching Shoes and a Navy T-shirt that is in performance condition! Orders can be placed at Marching Band shoe fittings will take place on Wednesday morning for new members / those that have ordered them. Navy shirts will be distributed at the end of a day of home camp. With our first home game not until September 13th, uniform fittings (for the formal uniforms) will most likely take place after we return home from Away Camp. Watch for times and dates.

I see the kids have a lunch break each day – what are the rules / suggestions?

Just one rule: students may NOT leave campus for lunch! Brown-bagging is highly suggested Monday – Thursday. A parent may deliver a hot lunch to a student – but do not interrupt rehearsal time with your delivery! Wait in the parking lot, your student will text you when it’s okay to hand off lunch. Students may have food delivered – but the coordination responsibility is theirs during the lunch window. Do not ask a staff member or parent to coordinate delivery of your lunch. Friday’s lunch will most likely be pizza purchased by the Band Boosters. Stand by for details. Those with food allergies or sensitivities need to make alternative plans.

What should the kids bring each day?

Everything needed for a music rehearsal (instrument, reeds/mouthpieces, music, pencils, a highlighter – blue is not very effective – and a field marker). Contact a section leader for full details! Also, because the students will be spending time outside on an asphalt parking lot, sun protection and comfortable shoes to march in are essential along with a personal water bottle that can be refilled. Label your items.

The most important thing to bring? A great attitude, willingness to have fun and learn!

Phew – that’s a lot to know! Anything else?

Yes indeed! The most important thing about home camp is attendance. They will learn more about each other, the band, and their show more quickly than at any other time this school year. All students must attend home camp, especially if they plan to use Marching Band as a flex credit to take the place of Physical Education towards graduation. If they are not in attendance, they will miss the most important type of communication there is – verbal!

One more thing!

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