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2023-24 Marching Band activities for all start June 7

Here's what's happening for who and when (all activities @ SHS):


[Percussion] Tonight, June 1st at 6pm: Placements


[Color Guard]: Continue to follow your schedule (you must also be here after school on June 7th)


[Full Band, including Guard] Wednesday, June 7th from noon until about 1:30pm: First look at show music, announcements, meet the drum majors, meet your section leaders, etc. This will be after school on the first 1/2 day of finals (High school dismissal from classes @ 10:19am; Junior High school dismissal @ 11:02am)


[Flutes, Clarinets, Alto Saxes & Mellophones] Tuesday, June 13th from 9 - 10:30am: Sectional Orientations (Plan summer schedule, fundraising, etc.)


[Trumpets & Low Brass (tenor saxes, trombones, tubas, baritones)] Tuesday, June 13th from 11 - 12:30pm: Sectional Orientations (Plan summer schedule, fundraising, etc.)


[Percussion] Tuesday, June 13th at 6 PM: Summer sectionals begin We're excited to get started with our 2023 Show ... "Nightmare in the Shadows"!


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