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Stevenson Holiday Concert Information

Student Call Times on December 15th:

  • Mr. Sekich's 1st & 2nd Hour classes: 5:45 PM -- On stage
  • Mr. Sekich's 4th, 5th, & 6th Hour classes: 5:45 PM -- In auditorium seats
  • Marching Band students from UAIS, Davis, Heritage, Jeannette: 6:15 PM -- In auditorium seats. Jr. High/IB Marchers, use the band room to drop off your coats, instrument cases, and change of clothes (see below)

Note that the band room will be kept locked - it will be a busy evening at SHS due to boys basketball happening at the same in the main gym.

Student Attire for December 15th:

  • Mr. Sekich's 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th hour classes: Arrive wearing "Concert black". Black pants, white tuxedo shirt, black jacket (no stripes). Bow ties and cummerbunds will be provided by the band. Instead of a tuxedo shirt and jacket, ladies may opt to wear a dressy black blouse with black slacks / full length long black skirt. This attire has been discussed in class! No jeans, no lululemons, no stretch pants, no leggings, no skirts or dresses above the calf.
  • Mr. Sekich's 6th hour class that are not also playing in a concert ensemble: Arrive wearing "Jazz Concert attire" as discussed in class.
  • All Stevenson students that are in Marching Band, you MUST BRING your Marching Band uniform to SHS so you can change into it during intermission. Don't forget your white shoes! No gloves (you can throw those away), you will not be wearing your marching helmets (those should have already been turned in).
  • All UAIS & Junior High marchers: Arrive at SHS in your full marching band uniform, including white shoes. No gloves (you can throw those away). You will not wear your marching helmet, but bring it so it can be turned in. BRING A CHANGE OF CLOTHES WITH YOU - you will be turning in your marching uniform.
  • Drumline / Frontline: You will wear what you did during Marching Band performances this season.
  • Color Guard: Watch for a message from your coaches about what to wear.

Marching Band uniforms will be collected following the conclusion of the concert - be sure to have something to wear home

Please check that your name is on the outside of your garment bag so your uniform can be properly and quickly accounted for / checked-in. The white shoes go home - those belong to you.

Marching Band students - check now for your lyre / folio / marching band music!

All marchers are expected at Stevenson on Monday, December 12th at 3:30 PM for a brief rehearsal to review music and concert logistics. This rehearsal will be approximately 30-45 minutes long (we will be done no later than 4:15 PM and probably earlier).

December 15th Spectator Information:

  • Due to the inclusion of the Marching Band and the need to save seats for students in the auditorium for when they are not performing, this concert typically comes close to completely filling the auditorium seating. Please be a good sport and avoid leaving single seats when purchasing your tickets. Thank you!
  • Seating is reserved - all spectators need a ticket (adults $5, students/children free)
  • With reserved seating there is no need to lineup early. Doors to the auditorium will open at about 6:40 PM to allow the bands to perform sound checks and final preparations.
  • Concert order: Concert Band (4th/5th Hour), Symphonic Band/Wind Ensemble (1st/2nd Hour), Jazz Band (6th Hour), intermission, Marching Band. Please be patient after the concert to allow the students to change clothes and our volunteers to collect Marching Band uniforms.
  • You can anticipate that the parking lot will be full / busy with boys basketball games also taking place this evening.


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