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Vertical Raise Fundraiser Info

Good evening!

This past Tuesday, Marching Band students were introduced to Vertical Raise, a modern fundraiser that in 2021 helped tremendously in providing resources to the entire Instrument Music Program that helped cover expenses and in turn lighten the financial burden on our families.

This coming Tuesday, August 30th, we will be officially launching our next Vertical Raise fundraising effort and wanted to answer some of the questions you may have to hopefully gain your participation.

Vertical Raise is a social donation campaign that has simplified the way bands, teams, groups, and schools raise money. Participants do not have to sell any products, staff does not have to manage cash, or keep/distribute inventory.

Fundraising is vital for the success of our program and we truly need to raise funds. Vertical Raise has a streamlined process that gives participants the ability to help raise money for a successful school year.

There have been thousands of programs, including our own successful drive that raised over $21,000 for the band in 2021, who have had success utilizing this fundraiser and with your help, this fundraiser will be successful too.

All we ask is that each parent/guardian help their student(s) gather 20 or more email addresses from their biggest supporters i.e. grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends, and co-workers. Have your student save these 20 e-mail addresses in Notes on their mobile device.

Then, emails will be sent by Vertical Raise to these potential donors where they can view our fundraiser page and decide if they want to donate. If not, they can easily delete the email - or help by sharing the fundraiser.

We are confident there are many people eager to support your child and Vertical Raise’s platform affords them the opportunity to help if they choose.

This Fundraiser will be a success if you help develop a quality list of valid e-mail addresses.


Please note - e-mails are only used for fundraising and will never be sold or redistributed. Your contacts are strictly PRIVATE, PROTECTED and will never be REDISTRIBUTED.


Overview and Explainer:

1. SAFE and PROTECTED- Vertical Raise is the most reliable online donation platform available. All information is private, 100% secure and will never be redistributed.

2. ONLINE PLATFORM- We will reach potential donors through email, text and all social media. Through these mediums, donors can visit the team fundraiser page and choose to help support the cause with a donation.

3. DESIGN- Vertical Raise is designed to exponentially increase the outreach of any fundraiser and help relieve the financial burden by accessing people who genuinely want to support the cause.


A copy of the Vertical Raise fundraiser intro letter can be downloaded here. It includes a worksheet to help organize the collection of the 20 e-mail addresses - the key to the success of this fundraiser.


Thank you so much for your support!



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