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Away Camp Medical Form

Good morning! Introducing Mrs. Amanda Zaharof and some very important medical paperwork we will need from all marchers attending away camp on August 14th.

Our 2022 Medical Information form can be downloaded at The form is a fillable pdf - it can be most easily completed by typing on a computer. This also helps greatly with legibility / clarity.

A paper version of the form will also be handed out on Monday evening to all the students for those without a printer / computer access / etc.

There are several options for returning this form:

  • Complete and print it, then return it on paper to the band room no later than Wednesday, August 10th
  • E-mail it to Mike Austerman (attach the pdf)
  • Upload the pdf in CutTime (the form on CutTime was added this morning)


Hello Titan Families! My name is Amanda Zaharof and I will be the camp nurse/Health Care Officer while your children are at Michindoh. This is my 7th year as a Titan marching band parent and my 5th year as one of the nurses who have cared for your marchers at away camp.

Some of you may know my daughter, Chloe, who is the senior drum major this year and my son, Josh (class of 2020), who was part of drumline and also a drum major for three years.

I work alongside senior mom Christie Petras, whose son Aidan is a drumline section leader. Christie and I have worked together for many years at camp and we will care for your children as our own.

Now that introductions have been made, let's get down to the nitty gritty of what I need from you:

  1. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. We have tried to pare down the amount of paperwork that needs to be filled out so that there is less redundancy. My biggest request is that ALL of the information be filled out on this form. Even if something does not apply to you, please answer with N/A so that I know you saw it. Again, please fill out the paperwork in its entirety. Rule of Thumb: The more information about your child, the better. Example: if your child wears a knee/ankle/wrist brace - send it with them but let me know why they're wearing it.
    *if you have specific concerns regarding your child's health/health condition(s) please feel free to contact me.
  2. Medications. YOUR CHILD WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ADMINISTERING THEIR OWN MEDICATIONS, PRESCRIPTION OR NON. I will have very basic medications (Motrin, Tylenol, cough syrup, etc) with me at camp available to your child during assigned nursing hours as long as the above mentioned paperwork is completed.
    ****if your child has an INHALER OR EPI PEN - the device needs to be with your child and, preferably, ON THEIR PERSON AT ALL TIMES (a fanny pack works great for these). If there is a secondary device, I would like it in my possession. Secondary devices left in cabins will not do any good if there is an emergency. These devices will be returned to your student at the end of band camp prior to returning to Stevenson. Questions regarding this, please contact me
  3. If your child is sick at camp, for any reason, they will be returning home. NO EXCEPTIONS. There are no facilities available to quarantine students so you will be required to drive to Michindoh to pick up your child.
  4. If your child is diabetic, I would like to have a separate conversation with you so I can better understand the scope of your child's condition and provide appropriate care.

Just to recap, completed paperwork is key. Mike Austerman has created a pdf that can easily be filled out on your computer which saves you time and makes it easy for me to read. Medications are the responsibility of your child and any sick kiddos will be returning home. I am looking forward to meeting and caring for your children. Please contact me with any questions.

Amanda Zaharof, RN-BSN


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