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2020 Marching Band Season Update

Hello Stevenson Parents and Students,

I am pleased to provide an update to everyone on the progression of our marching season. We have certainly gotten used to change being our constant companion over the past couple months.

Just a week ago, football was moved back to take place in the fall and there are understandably questions about what that means for us. Provided below are some details regarding the current UCS restrictions for marching band:

  • Moving forward, we will be able to have the full marching band rehearse together
  • Performance in Marching Band is part of the school curriculum for our Instrumental Music classes as a co-curricular activity. Schools are allowed to bring students back for instruction as long as they can follow safety protocols. We believe we can meet those protocols while meeting as a full band

Safety protocol highlights:

  • Masks must always be worn when not playing instruments
  • Drumline/Frontline and Colorguard will wear masks when playing/performing
  • Six-foot distancing will be maintained and there will continue to be temperature checks and monitoring of attendance
  • Please see the Stevenson Marching Band self-screen protocols as a reminder on the website, If a student answers "yes" to any of the questions, they must not attend rehearsal and must follow other directions as outlined in the document

We will meet to rehearse on Tuesday evenings from 5-7pm at Stevenson in the parking lot field. The time and location has been adjusted due to the football team needing the field and the earlier sunsets this time of year.

Regarding performances, UCS is committed to providing an opportunity down the road for marching bands to perform. It will not take place at football games due to the current MHSAA ruling of no bands at games. However, we are working on a separate performance opportunity. Please stay tuned for more information to come at a later time.

If there are specific questions, please let me know. Thank you for all your understanding and support through the current season!

Mr. Sekich


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