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2020 Marching Band "Camp" Information & Attire Update

Camp dates are Monday, August 17th - Thursday, August 20th

  • We will continue to hold sectionals up to August 11
  • On Monday, August 17, all Marching Band students will report at at 8:20 AM directly to their sectional areas for temperature checks. Students with a fever above at or above 100.3 will not be permitted to participate and must return home
  • Formal camp activities will conclude at about 11:30 AM each day
  • DO NOT MINGLE with each other. All rules of social distancing will continue including wearing masks when not playing (wind instruments) / at all times (percussionists)
  • You must continue to check-in online with the COVID-19 self reporting form prior to arriving at SHS
  • This routine will repeat each day of home camp!



If you would like a free breakfast and lunch provided by UCS, please respond to your section leaders ASAP. We do not want to waste food. We will bring the breakfast to you in your sections.

Breakfast / morning snack:

  • A benefit bar, juice & milk

Lunches: 11:30 (will be delivered to your sections again)

  • Monday- Popcorn chicken
  • Tuesday: Twin Cheeseburgers
  • Wednesday: mac & cheese
  • Thursday- Bosco breadsticks

If you want to bring a lunch, you are more than welcome to do so. If you would like to leave instead of eating lunch, as we will be dismissed after, that is fine.

Bring your water jugs!!!!

Marching band attire & cost update

  • Mr. Sekich has decided to skip marching shoes and the navy blue shirts for 2020-21. Those of you that have already bought these items for the current year will be receiving refunds as they will not be ordered
  • A 2020-21 theme shirt is being worked on - all students will receive one as part of the $125 Marching Band Fee all students must pay to participate
  • This year's $125 fee was reduced from the usual $450 as the band is not traveling to an away camp, but will still incur some costs such as the theme shirts, paying for the staff that has been working with the kids during their sectionals, and so forth
  • It is still anticipated that away camp will be reinstated in 2021-22 as will the normal costs and attire requirements

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding as we all try to figure out the best way forward this year.


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