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2019 Away Camp Packing List

The 2019 Away Camp Packing List has been added to the web site on the Marching Band Page.

Click here: 2019 Away Camp Packing List

This document is must-read information for ALL marching band members, including those that have gone away with us before - in addition to things to bring, there is also a list of things NOT to bring, which some may find a bit disappointing. (Remember what we are going to camp for!)

A few items to note:

  • Michindoh has strict (and enforced) rules about swim attire. Modesty is key. Females must have a one-piece suit. Males will not be permitted to wear excessively short suits (think swim trunks vs. Speedo)
  • All meals are provided this year - we are not stopping for lunch on the way. Thus, spending money at camp does not need to be excessive for food. There is no Red Canoe setup for (relatively) expensive specialty drinks, etc. The snack bar is open a limited number of hours each day for things like candy, pre-packaged ice cream bars, pop, etc.
  • Cash only
  • Paintball, if it can be staffed by Michindoh, will be $17 per game with more details available next week
  • No pop at meals, the only pop available will be at either the snack shack or the Lodge (Welcome Center). Cash/coin only.
  • Do not bring beverages. There will be no way to get/keep them cold. Bottled water will be available at the end of each evening rehearsal for students that want something to drink in their housing unit overnight.


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