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2020-21 Marching Band Information & Next Steps

Marching Band Parents / Guardians:

We are now taking the next steps in the preparation for the 2020-21 Marching Band season.

The decision has been made to keep the marching band home this year - we will not be traveling to away camp. In light of the ever-evolving guidelines for safe group activities during the pandemic and to find balance between the opportunity to have a marching band this year and keeping our members and staff healthy, staying in Sterling Heights was determined to be the best option. Students will be able to sleep in their own beds each night!

Mr. Sekich, his staff, and the Band Booster parents will work together to find the right mix of learning and fun to make the marching season rewarding for everyone. The basic timeline will remain the same, with exact dates and times for the period between August 10th and August 22nd to be announced soon.

In order to participate as a member of the Marching Band, students must be committed to attending all rehearsals / camp days. Those with jobs must tell their employers they are not available to work on the dates there are camp activities -- just like if we were going away.

This document provides an overview of the next steps:

2020-21 Marching Band Quick Info


  • Cost for all members is $125, dramatically reduced from $450
  • Payments are due July 1st
  • If the marching band is not allowed to meet to prepare by August, the $125 will be refunded. If a student drops marching on their own after payment, there can be no refunds
  • New marchers (except color guard) must also purchase marching shoes ($43) and navy blue t-shirt ($20 or $22). Due July 1st to get orders placed and delivered in time for the season. Our vendors have urged orders be placed as early as possible due to the worldwide effects of decreased factory production during the pandemic. Returning marchers that need replacements should also order and pay by July 1.
  • All new members (those that did not submit a Sports Physical to any UCS school for the 2019-20 school year) will need a sports physical by the time we start camp the week of August 10th.
  • Returning members and those that DID complete and submit a Sports Physical in 2019-20 may opt to complete a Health Questionnaire form in place of getting a physical.
  • The physical or health questionaire, depending on the students' status in 2019-20, is the only "paperwork" for students that will be turned in this year. Plan now!
  • Every member and one parent/guardian must complete the online contract requirements.


Marching Band Handbook

The 2020-21 Marching Band handbook has been updated to assist you with the expectations of Marching Band participants -- for students and their families. Please download and read it to save a lot of time and confusion in the long run!

Keep this handbook handy throughout the marching season - which runs through the Cluster Concert on January 13, 2021! There are answers inside to most of the most frequently asked questions and should be your go-to resource.

2020-21 Marching Band Handbook

This handbook will remain linked on our Marching Band page:


2020 Show Information

Students can refer to our web site to download the materials they need to begin practicing independently at home! Also on this page are the Drumline Technique & Warmup Packet and the Color Guard Information and Contract Packet.

2020 Show Information


Marching Band Website Page

This website has a static page that you can always refer to for information on the Marching Band:


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