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Registrations for 2022 District Solo & Ensemble accepted thru Nov 3

Mr. Sekich is now accepting registrations and payments for MSBOA District 16 Solo & Ensemble festival!

  • Registrations must be turned in via the paper form, with full payment, in the band room. There is no online registration!
  • Acceptable payments via cash, check (payable to the Stevenson Band Boosters) or using student account balances (if available)

2022 MSBOA District XVI High School Solo and Ensemble Festival:

  • High School events: Saturday, January 22, 2022
  • Chamber / Jr. High School events: Saturday, January 15, 2022
  • Location: Rochester High School

2022 District XVI High School Solo and Ensemble Festival Registration & Payment:

  • Download the registration form here, or pick one up in the band room
  • Registrations and payments due no later than Wednesday, November 3rd
  • Cash or checks payable to Stevenson Band Boosters

Key Information:


Helpful Solo & Ensemble Tips

  • Arrive to the school to give yourself plenty of time to find your warm up room, and to warm up properly
  • Make sure that your accompanists and your ensemble members know where to meet you, and what time
  • Make sure you are dressed professionally, yet comfortable enough so that you are able to perform your best
  • Brass players do not stand face on with the adjudicator while you are performing. Always quarter off during performances
  • Do not make excuses and learn how to take a compliment. Do not “point out” mistakes you made. Remember, there is no such thing as a “perfect performance”
  • Always keep your emotions out of the performance room
  • Avoid drinking milk or eating dairy products prior to performances for all woodwind and brass players
  • Woodwinds, ALWAYS have a back up reed you have played on already with you at ALL TIMES
  • Brass players, do not clean out your instrument the night before the performance. This changes the air resistance of your horn
  • Brass players, have valve oil with you in the room
  • Bring bottled water if you get dry mouth
  • Thank the judge for listening to you after the performance
  • Have fun! This is your time to show off!


Student success checklist

  • You will receive your event time and section number prior to Festival. Guide stations can help direct you to your warm-up room
  • Parking will be chaotic. Give yourself an extra half an hour to make sure you arrive on time and find a parking spot! Arrive no later than a full 45 minutes prior to your performance time - an hour prior is ideal!
  • Introduce yourself to the director in charge of the warm-up room; Hand over your NUMBERED, MARKED, and ORIGINAL score
  • Confirm your fellow ensemble members / accompanist are there
  • Warm up with scales, long tones, chorales, beginnings and endings of pieces. Don't play through your full piece multiple times - this will tire you.
  • When your name is called, go to your performance room with the ORIGINAL score, your music, and your instrument. You are welcome to have as few or as many people come listen as you'd like. You must ask before your record any video footage, some judges may decline
  • Introduce yourself to the judge
  • Tune!
  • Play your piece and listen to the comments from the judge
  • Thank the judge and your are finished and wait outside the room for your rating and the ORIGINAL SCORE
  • Take the ORIGINAL SCORE to the next person if you are sharing (plan in advance!). This is IMPORTANT! If you are finished with the ORIGINAL SCORE, you can bring it to your director.
  • Get your medal from the cafeteria and go tell your director your score!
  • Congratulations! Go home and celebrate!

What to wear:

  • Dress clothes are important to show off your professionalism. Wear what you would wear to band concerts, church, or other special events is appropriate. School dress code DOES apply!
  • No jeans, torn clothing, tennis shoes, or clothing with writing should be worn to Solo & Ensemble Festival; it is a serious event
  • Remember that you are representing yourself, your director, and your school


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Thanksgiving Parade Rehearsals

Rehearsals set for Thanksgiving Day Parade

  • Tuesdays 10/26, 11/9, 11/16, 11/23 from 3:30 - 5 PM (Junior high students get there asap after dismissal at 2:51 PM)
  • Tuesday 11/2 (no school on this day) from 10 AM - 1 PM

These rehearsals are mandatory in order to successfully prepare the entire band for the parade! The only excused absences will be for other UCS activities that were previously scheduled (such as athletic meets/games, etc).

All parade participants should start a walking program NOW to make completing the parade route easy on November 25th! Every member of the band needs to build up to walking a 5k without breaks and with little effort over the next month.


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Marching Band Festival (Wed 10/13) Information


Note - The link below is to a two-page document with answers to many questions. Take the time to read it!

PDF document: Marching Band Festival Details (click to open/download)


Basic outline:

  • All Marchers report to SHS at 2:30 PM on for a final walk-through. We will load equipment and then students are dismissed to go home to eat dinner and get dressed in full uniforms.
  • After eating at home, marchers return to SHS at 5:30 already dressed in their full uniforms.
  • Buses run both ways for students for this event
  • Stevenson's performance time is 8:15 PM
  • We anticipate returning to SHS around 10:00 PM


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MSBOA Marching Festival Advance Ticket Sales


  • Cost: $3 adults / $2 students & seniors
  • Cash (exact change greatly appreciated) or check (payable to Stevenson Band Boosters) only
  • Tickets will be sold to students at Stevenson during school hours through October 12th and/or to parents outside the band room before the many activities between now and October 12th. Tickets will also be available at the Band Booster / Program Update meeting on Monday, October 4th (7 PM).
  • All proceeds from advance ticket sales stay at SHS with the band program. Please buy from us in advance!
  • Cash tickets will also be sold at the gate on the 13th – all proceeds from gate sales stay with MSBOA.


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Band-a-Rama (Sun 10/10) Information


Note - The link below is to a two-page document with answers to many questions. Take the time to read it!

PDF document: Band-a-Rama Details (click to open/download)


Basic outline:

  • Students report to SHS at 11:30 AM on Sunday and will need to be dressed in their full uniform so we can take our traditional full-band panoramic photo. You will be able to purchase these photos after Festival is concluded.
  • The Band Boosters will be providing a pasta bar for an afternoon meal prior to the kids getting on the buses
  • Buses run both ways for students for this event
  • Performances from the 4 schools will begin at 7 PM at Swinehart Field (across the street from Utica HS)
  • We anticipate returning to SHS around 8:45 PM


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Chippewa Valley Invitational (Sat 10/9) Information


Note - The link below is to a two-page document with answers to many questions. Take the time to read it!

PDF document: CV Invitational Details (click to open/download)


Basic outline:

  • Students report to SHS at 11:45 AM on Saturday and will need to bring their own brown-bag meal that will be eaten in the afternoon before we leave for CVHS.
  • Buses run both ways for students for this event
  • Stevenson's performance time is 6:30 PM
  • We anticipate returning to SHS around 8:30 PM


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Senior Night (Fri 10/8) Information


Note - The link below is to a document with answers to many questions. Take the time to read it!

PDF document: Senior Night Details (click to open/download)


Basic outline:

  • Seniors report at 5 PM to rehearse "Crazy Little Thing"
  • Food will be provided by the Boosters at about 5:15 PM
  • All members ready to go (dressed) by 6 PM
  • Senior Parents out of the bleachers before the half to stand with their students during halftime recognition


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Marchers will snake the halls on Fri 10/8


All marchers that are at Stevenson for 6th hour, including Color Guard, will be excused from their 6th hour classes next Friday (10/8) by Mr. Sekich at 1:40 PM. Meet in the band room.

All marchers that are NOT at Stevenson for 6th hour (CSI, MST, UAIS, DJHS, HJHS, JJHS) are also invited (this is not mandatory) to participate. Those that wish to do so MUST a) get a parent to call in an early dismissal and b) get to Stevenson by 1:40 PM to meet in the band room. There are no buses - you must arrange your own transportation. You will need your instruments!

The band room will be open, with adult supervision, after school for students that wish to stay at Stevenson until the call times for the game. A typical activity for the down time is for students to walk to 7-Eleven and back in groups for a snack.

If you are coming to snake the halls and then staying after school, it's critical that you remember to have everything you need for the game with you when you arrive - full uniform (underclassman), water jug, your music/lyre, etc.


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2021 Marching Show Theme Shirts on sale thru Sun Aug 1

2021 Marching Show Theme Shirts

Stevenson Band Fan Shop


Parents/Guardians/Fans! The annual sale of our Marching Show Theme T-shirts and Hoodies closed on August 1, 2021.

*** Important! Do not order / pay for a t-shirt for current marching band students (unless you want more than one for them). Each member of the band, including Color Guard, will receive a t-shirt as part of the $125 fee you have already paid!***

Please note:

  • Cut off is Sunday, August 1st - no late orders
  • Your items will be delivered to Stevenson and distributed from school, hopefully during the week of August 16th. You will be responsible for delivering items to your extended family / friends
  • Online sales ONLY through this link. There will be no paper forms and no cash / checks / student account payments will be accepted.
  • Items run true to size using a high-quality shirt.
  • There is an ongoing supply chain shortage in the shirt manufacturing industry resulting in higher than usual pricing and longer lead times to obtain items.

Thank you for supporting the Stevenson Marching Band by purchasing apparel and then wearing it to the band's performances!


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Physicals required for all Marching Band Members


Every member, including Color Guard, of the marching band must obtain a sports physical, fully complete the official MHSAA Pre-Participation Physical form, and then submit a copy (both sides) of the form on or prior to the first day of our camp on Wednesday, August 11th.

The physical itself must be completed by a licensed Medical Doctor, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Physicians Assistant or Nurse Practitioner.

Take care to complete ALL sections of the form on BOTH sides. Legibility matters! These forms will be kept on file in the band room during camp and would be sent with your child to a medical facility in the unlikely event they need prompt medical attention that cannot be provided at school. The information on this form is the parent's voice in assisting someone that would be caring for your child should you not be immediately available to answer questions about their medical background, etc.

Important: A current-year physical is one given on or after April 15 of the previous school year (so for this year, dated on or after April 15, 2021). The clock resets on sports physicals given prior to April 15th once the school year ends. Participation in Marching Band, like football, marks the start of a new calendar year and requires a new physical. Sports physicals given on or after April 15 are valid for the entire 2021-22 school year, including spring sports in 2022.

No exceptions - All students MUST have a physical completed and turned in to participate when camp opens on August 11th!

More info:

  • This rule comes directly from Utica Community Schools. It is compulsory for members of all four UCS marching bands. No flexibility.
  • Do not submit the original form to the band. Make a copy and submit the photocopy. UCS does not maintain a centralized/consolidated list of students that have completed their physical. Instead, students that participate in athletics must submit a separate copy to their coach / athletic director
  • Completed forms can be dropped off in the band room when it is open during the summer; this is primarily during Color Guard (10 AM - noon) and Percussion (6 - 8 PM) practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Place them in the Blue Box that's mounted on the wall underneath the American flag. You can also send them via USPS to Mr. Austerman at 2804 Arrowwood Ct., Sterling Heights 48314
  • In addition to your doctor's office, sports physicals are usually available at a number of urgent care and walk-in clinics in the area. Possible choices include Beaumont Urgent Care, CVS Minute Clinic, Concentra, Doctors Urgent Care, Lakeside Urgent Care, and more. Typical pricing is around $25.
  • As August gets closer, the demand for physicals increases. Do not wait until the week before camp!


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