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Stevenson HS MSBOA Solo & Ensemble Information

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Updated January 14, 2019:

District XVI High School Solo and Ensemble Festival schedule:

  • Saturday, January 19, 2019: Middle School/HS Chamber S&E
  • Saturday, February 2, 2019: High School S&E

All events will take place at Rochester High School.

Key Information:

MSBOA District XVI Solo & Ensemble web site

State Solo & Ensemble Resources

Helpful Solo & Ensemble Tips

  • Arrive to the school to give yourself plenty of time to find your warm up room, and to warm up properly
  • Make sure that your accompanists and your ensemble members know where to meet you, and what time
  • Make sure you are dressed professionally, yet comfortable enough so that you are able to perform your best
  • Brass players do not stand face on with the adjudicator while you are performing. Always quarter off during performances
  • Do not make excuses and learn how to take a compliment. Do not “point out” mistakes you made. Remember, there is no such thing as a “perfect performance”
  • Always keep your emotions out of the performance room
  • Avoid drinking milk or eating dairy products prior to performances for all woodwind and brass players
  • Woodwinds, ALWAYS have a back up reed you have played on already with you at ALL TIMES
  • Brass players, do not clean out your instrument the night before the performance. This changes the air resistance of your horn
  • Brass players, have valve oil with you in the room
  • Bring bottled water if you get dry mouth
  • Thank the judge for listening to you after the performance
  • Have fun! This is your time to show off!