Sell Your Stuff: Stevenson Band Boosters


Sell Your Stuff & Support the Stevenson Band Boosters

eBay Charity

Now anyone with something to sell can do so online and designate all or part of the proceeds to be donated to the Band Boosters!

Like to create or build things that others want to buy? Thinking of having a garage/yard or estate sale? Sell on eBay for Charity!

Get started at

How do I add the Band Boosters to my eBay listings?

  1. In the listing flow, select the option to “Donate a portion to Charity”
  2. Search for Stevenson Band Booster Club, Inc. (Charity Id: 1412047)
  3. Select the percentage you would like to donate to charity

You can verify the charity and donation percentage on your item by checking the information included in the item description. Need more information? Get help directly from eBay Charity.

Why eBay Charity?

As a purely volunteer organization, the Band Boosters do not have the resources (or storage) available to facilitate the selling of items on behalf of potential donors. Using eBay Charity allows the owner of items they wish to sell to be in full control - and donate what's needed most to the Band Boosters: money.


Updated  May 27, 2024