Fundraising: Stevenson Band Boosters


One of the core activities of Booster groups is fundraising. The Stevenson Band Boosters are no exception. We participate in various fundraisers year-round to help keep the costs of Band activities more affordable to our families and donate resources to the Instrumental Music Program that would otherwise not be available.

We are counting on your participation!

Ongoing Fundraising: 

  • Shop at Kroger? Sign up for Kroger Community Rewards and help the Boosters earn money while you shop. It costs you nothing extra! To learn how link your Kroger Plus card to the Stevenson Band Boosters, click here: Kroger Community Rewards
  • Shop at Help the Boosters earn money for starting at - It costs you nothing extra! To link your account to the Stevenson Band Boosters, click here: Note: Purchases made on the Amazon app do not qualify for Smile donations

Spring 2020 Fundraising: 

Band Boosters' Night at the Races - June 13, 2020

Night at the RacesJoin the Stevenson Band Boosters at "A Night at the Races" - a night of racing, food, drinks, raffles, contests and fun on an EPIC scale. It will take place on Saturday, June 13th at the Carpathia Club on Utica Rd. in Sterling Heights. All attendees must be age 21 and over.

What is A Night at the Races?

It is a different kind of fundraiser as it involves the guests watching random horse races and betting on the horses to win. BUT wait, that is not all, there is more. Each ticket includes special contests, food/drinks as well as the opportunity to purchase tickets to the amazing raffle baskets and other special raffles that are in store for the event. This is going to be an AMAZING event, people will be talking about it because the Band Boosters have never done anything like this before.

Check out the link below for more information:

What can you do to help?

For this event to be successful, help is need in the form of donations for raffle baskets, race sponsors and people to buy horses. If you know anyone interested, please let the Night at the Races Committee know by contacting Juli Elkins using the contact link on this web site.

Sponsorships are a great low cost advertising option to promote a business and show support for an amazing music program. The opportunities are amazing, where else can you advertise to a group as large as the Band Boosters for either $75 or $125? Gold Level sponsors also receive two tickets to attend the event PLUS the advertising!! It's a great opportunity for any size business.

All payments should be directed to:

All the paperwork you need to help support A Night at the Races is available by clicking the links below, please help spread the word!

A Night at the Races - Promotional Flyer

A Night at the Races - Sponsorship Letter

A Night at the Races - Donation Letter

A Night at the Races - Full Package (all three items above)


Potential Summer 2020 Fundraising: 

To be announced

Our Summer Fundraisers in 2019 included:

  1. Concessions volunteers at Jimmy Johns Field
  2. Concessions volunteers at the Detroit Grand Prix

Potential Fall 2020 Fundraising: 

To be announced

Our Fall Fundraisers in 2019 included:

  1. Local Honey
  2. Holiday Decor (Wreaths & Poinsettias)

Winter 2021 Fundraising:

To be announced

Spring 2021 Fundraising:

To be announced

Our Spring Fundraisers in 2020 included:

  1. Luxury Bed Sheets


Alternative Fundraising: 

Want to just make a financial contribution? Have something to sell? The Band Boosters are happy to accept your cash through PayPal and/or Ebay!

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