Spring Travel: Stevenson Instrumental Music Program


2025 Trip: TBA


Travel dates: TBA

Registration & Payment Link: TBA

Trip Payment Due Dates:
Initial Registration TBA Third Payment TBA
Deposit / 1st Payment TBA Fourth Payment TBA
Second Payment TBA Final Payment TBA


Travelers are expected to be up-to-date with payments according to the schedule above in order to maintain a spot on the trip


Required Trip Items:
Due TBA Required UCS Travel Cancellation Agreement
Due TBA Required Contract for Student Travel
Due TBA Room Signups
Due TBA Bus Signups


All items are to be completed and submitted online only


Trip Costs (not including travel insurance):
Quad Occupancy (students, optional for adults) $- Double Occupancy (adults only) $-
Triple Occupancy (adults only) $- Single Occupancy (adults only) $-


  • Trip payments are made directly through the vendor's portal
  • Trip portal web site: TBA

Trip Payment Amounts

does not include cost of travel insurance

  • Quad occupancy payment amounts: 1/2/3/4- $-; Final- $-
  • Double occupancy payment amounts: 1/2/3/4- $-; Final- $-
  • Double occupancy payment amounts: 1/2/3/4- $-; Final- $-
  • Single occupancy payment amounts: 1/2/3/4- $-; Final- $-

Cancellation Policy: All money and fees paid to the travel company prior to cancellation are non-refundable. No refunds or credits will be issued for a canceled traveler without the additional purchase of travel protection insurance. Refunds are processed through the insurance company ONLY. Travel insurance does not guarantee a 100% refund.

All cancellations must be confirmed by the travel company and the responsible party for the canceled traveler must file a reimbursement claim directly with the insurance company on their own (if insurance was purchased). No refunds or credits will be issued for a cancelled participant by UCS, Stevenson High School, or booster groups.


Trip Documents
Trip Itinerary
Vendor Payment / Insurance Information Flyer


A few important items to note:

  • Expect minor adjustments to the itinerary as the trip gets closer and even as the trip is in progress. Main activities will stay the same.
  • At times, students will be in groups of their fellow students (without an adult chaperone) exploring. It is up to each parent to decide if their student is mature enough to be without direct adult supervision at certain times during the trip.
  • There are no on-duty medical professionals in our group. Students are expected to have and take any required medicines on their own.
  • There are absolutely NO refunds of any kind through the travel company, Utica Community Schools, or Stevenson booster groups.
  • All travelers have the option to purchase travel insurance through the trip company portal. If purchased this way, the cost of the insurance is combined with the cost of the trip itself and charged at the same time as the traveler’s deposit payment. We strongly recommend that travelers consider the Enhanced Protection policy which allows a traveler to cancel (for any reason) outside of 48 hours of trip departure to receive a refund of 75% of their total payments. Travel insurance may also be purchased independently of the travel company: www.nerdwallet.com/article/insurance/travel-insurance.

A history of Stevenson Instrumental Music Travel
2024: no trip  
2023: New York City 2022: Sandusky/Clevelend, OH
2021: no trip 2020: no trip
2019: New York City 2018: Sandusky/Clevelend, OH
2017: Disney World 2016: Nashville, TN
2015: New York City 2014: Disney World
2013: ?? 2012: ??
2011: ?? 2010: Chicago
2009: ?? 2008: New York City
2007: Cincinnati, OH 2006: ??
2005: New York City 2004: Cincinnati, OH
2003: Disney World 2002: ??
2001: Disney World / Outback Bowl 2000: Cincinnati, OH
1999: Tampa / Outback Bowl 1998: Miami / Orange Bowl
1997: Chicago 1996: Disney World
1995: New York City 1994: ??
1993: Virginia Beach 1992: Toronto


Updated  May 26, 2024